15 Years Of Weight Loss Advice In 5 Minutes

Hey, Cleanish Squad!  

I built you a time machine. 

Sadly, you can’t get into it and give yourself the winning lottery numbers or change the past. Sorry.

Instead, it’s a list I wrote to a 20-something girl trying desperately to lose weight and feel better about herself. She spent years feeling defeated, trapped, and stressed — always on the brink of quitting.

That girl was me in 2008.

I figure…if I’d had this list, it would have helped me get faster results, set better expectations, and enjoy working on a healthier me. 

Let me know if it helps :) 

50 Nuggets of Weight Loss Wisdom From The Last 15 Years

  1. Your hard work will pay off. You need to stick to the plan.

  2. Once you figure it all out, there will be a day when you’ll finally feel comfortable in your body.

  3. Stay as consistent as you can.

  4. Understanding your main purpose for change will make all the difference.

  5. Focus on how you can be better than yesterday every day.

  6. Don’t chase weight loss trends and tactics - it’s all just disappointing noise.

  7. Find reasonable people you respect who tell you to stay boring and consistent.

  8. Accept the process will take time - it should if it’s going to work.

  9. Enjoy a cheat meal, but just not as often. Never give up the foods you love.

  10. Mistakes happen. You need them to learn what doesn’t work, which will give you a clearer path to what does.

  11. The number on the scale doesn't matter nearly as much as your mindset and behavior.

  12. When you figure this out, people will look to you for advice.

  13. Don’t try to do too much at once. Pick one behavior to change, then move on once you’ve accomplished it.

  14. Ignore that voice in your head that tells you you’ll never succeed.

  15. Cleanses are a waste of time, and you’ll only lose water weight, not fat.

  16. Start weight lifting. You’ll love it, and you’ll love getting stronger and stronger.

  17. Work smarter, not harder.

  18. Learn to enjoy the journey.

  19. Replace all the added sugar and trans fats in your pantry.

  20. Don’t be on a diet. Be a healthy person who eats and exercises how you expect her to.

  21. Start drinking water - like all of the time.

  22. Create milestones for small wins to build momentum.

  23. Someday, you’ll be unstoppable.

  24. Don’t get fooled by diet pills.

  25. The confidence you’re looking for won’t come from weight loss—it will come from learning how to achieve your goals.

  26. Rest and nutrition are more important than hitting the gym every day.

  27. Start meal prepping to save time and decision fatigue.

  28. Read nutrition labels. Always.

  29. Always have a plan.

  30. The next behavior you choose is always under your control.

  31. Excuses only waste time. You’re responsible for your choices and their outcomes.

  32. Understanding nutrition will change your life.

  33. Learn the 80/20 Principle and apply it to understand the most important thing to do next.

  34. Make your cheat foods worth it. Learn how to prioritize what is and isn’t worth it.

  35. Don’t listen to people telling you you can’t achieve your goals. Prove them wrong.

  36. Spend your money on coaching, nutrition, and fitness — not on alcohol.

  37. There will be a day you’ll feel so great about achieving your goals that you’ll get tattoos and show them off.

  38. Clean eating is delicious.

  39. Your body will eventually become accustomed to less sugar and snacks, and you will no longer crave all the food you used to.

  40. Think in 2-4 year periods — 2 months to half a year isn't enough.

  41. You’ll learn how important protein is, especially for women, and you’ll create a company that sells delicious, high-quality protein.

  42. You’re going to start a cleanish movement.

  43. Keep things as simple as possible — this isn’t complicated.

  44. When you go off track, the world won’t fall apart. Just pick up where you left off and get right back on track.

  45. Weight loss will be more of a mental battle than anything else.

  46. Learn from your mistakes, but don't dwell on them.

  47. Always maintain your quality of life. If you’re doing something just for the weight loss, it won’t work.

  48. Don't chase perfection.

  49. The more time you spend working on yourself, the easier it gets.

  50. One day, you’ll look back and be very proud of all the hard work your past self put in.

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  • Quote of the Week “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – Henry Ford

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