What the heck is "healthy" eating anyway?

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Today, we're going to chat about what heck "healthy eating" is anyway. The term "healthy" gets thrown around quite a lot nowadays, and I think it can get pretty darn confusing and, honestly, misleading.

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When you ask what is "healthy eating," here’s what usually comes to mind...

  • gluten-free

  • calorie counting

  • low calorie

  • sugar-free

  • keto

  • low carb

  • paleo

  • clean

  • carnivore

  • anti-inflammatory

  • organic

  • raw foods

  • vegetarian

  • vegan

  • whole grains

  • no grains

  • non GMO

  • skinny

But, wait...so many of these contradict each other…

Confusing, right? And this is just a short list of all the different “healthy eating” options thrown at us.

So, let me try to simplify all this noise for you. I prefer to use the term "healthy" as a very broad concept. It represents all the food (and thoughts) that lead your body and mind to a happy place, free of inflammation and self-hatred.

Really, I believe "healthy" should mean "good for your body."

That means "healthy" is NOT:

  • starving yourself

  • hating yourself

  • eating highly processed, fake foods

  • overeating artificial sugars

  • overeating

  • putting yourself down

  • forcing yourself to eat

  • calorie counting

  • unrealistic expectations

  • anxiety about your food

  • not enjoying yourself

  • eating foods just because they're "healthy"

My goal for you is to have a very clear understanding of what your body needs to function at its best, free of inflammation and pain of any sort.

I want you to learn what foods bring you joy and satisfaction (and what foods to avoid), what foods nourish your body and why, and what internal thoughts to say to yourself to be happy and to make positive choices.

It all starts with your mind, followed by your choices. And many of us have been talking negatively to ourselves for a very long time.

The way I see healthy is that it's not all just tied to food. It's tied to how YOU approach your life - in relation to your experiences with food, family, friends, love, exercise, work, and so on.

Living a healthy lifestyle involves improving your relationship with food and yourself. For example, you can eat "bad" foods and still be healthy - you just have to be in control and intentional about it (and I share how to do all of this in 30 Day Healthy).

For today, I want you to start thinking about redefining "healthy" for yourself and being open to how you can approach your life choices to bring you happiness and, yes, health.

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