How to stick to new healthy behaviors

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The interesting thing about being “healthier” is we all know, more or less, what we need to do.

While we might not know exactly how many calories to eat, if sugar-free sweeteners are actually better for us, if we should start running or just focus on steps, and so on, we pretty much know the basics…

  1. Eat more healthy food and less unhealthy food

  2. Drink more water and fewer sodas and alcohol

  3. Get more exercise and sit less

But, if we intuitively know what we need to be doing, why is it so hard to stick to these healthier behaviors?

When we start to fail, we assume we just aren’t motivated enough.

Daily, someone reaches out to me on Instagram, YouTube or email and asks me how I stay so motivated.

But, to be honest, I don’t see it as a motivation issue.

I’ve worked with men and women who were extremely motivated to feel better, to lose weight, and to reduce their chronic pain caused by inflammation. They were motivated to change, but they failed to follow through.

I’ve personally been extremely motivated to lose weight but failed after getting on track for a few weeks — sometimes, even after months of eating well and exercising.


I didn’t plan for failure, and neither did they.

Changing your behavior is hard, and there will be pitfalls. If you think about making this big change in your life as removing a harmful substance, there are bound to be “relapses.”

But these relapses don’t have to mean we give up and stop trying. Instead, we can learn from them and get stronger. We can learn from our mistakes and prepare better for the next time.

Our past choices and behaviors don’t dictate our next actions.

Instead of working so hard to find motivation, try setting yourself up not to fail. Think about your day, your week, your life. How can you set yourself up to be the best version of You at every opportunity?

Will this work every time? No, but it doesn’t have to, and that’s the beauty of it.

The more you focus on this approach, the more you’ll create an identity for yourself of someone who doesn’t give up, who recognizes his or her mistake, and who learns how to fix it for next time, who will succeed no matter what.

We’re all capable of change and of reaching our goals. Part of this journey of the cleanish lifestyle is learning to count on ourselves to be strong.

What to do next?

Try to think about what situations make it the hardest for you to stick to your new behaviors. Next, think about how you could have behaved differently, which would have enabled you to stick to your new healthy habits. Visualize yourself making that choice and how that would make you feel. The next time, you’ll be ready.

And it will just build and build until you’re unstoppable.

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Some Of My Favorite Things This Week 🙂 

  • Quote of the Week “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

  • Featured A Sweet Pea Chef Recipe 15-Minute Healthy Beef and Broccoli (better than takeout!)

  • Healthier Sweetener → I used to be a Splenda addict until I realized it was 95% dextrose and maltodextrin, both of which are linked to weight gain and digestive problems. Now, I keep this Monk Fruit Extract Powder in my kitchen, next to my coffee. I love how it tastes and knowing monk fruit is a better-for-you calorie-free natural sweetener. It’s also why I used monk fruit when creating the Cleanish Protein Powder formula.

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